About Me


             Robert Campo (born Dec 27, 1983) is an American director, screenwriter, filmmaker and occasional hero of the Wild West. His interest in filmmaking began in the early 1920s, using the family camcorder and stacked VCR’s to make short sketch comedies. His time spent chronicling life in small town Massachusetts is the stuff of legends (legends must have lots of stuff so it's got to be in there somewhere). He chose to develop his auteur-quality talents in middle and high school, doing school projects as videos rather than writing traditional essays. It was in this time that he is rumored to have fought off an invasion of alien goats with the Spice Girls, but this is contested by some modern historians. In 2004, Rob got serious (kind of), using computers to digitize past video clips and to turn them into more refined projects. With the arrival of Youtube in 2005, he had a way to share these videos with all his friends (and that one guy who watches every video on Youtube – poor guy, he doesn't even eat).  


                                                    Biography by:

                                                                 Dan Keating